Thursday, 11 July 2013

Designing Mobile Sites

Technology has taken mankind to unbelievable heights. This generation has seen the most advancement in science and technology than the world has ever seen. One of the important discoveries has been the computer and the internet. The computer is able to perform superhuman calculations and the internet is an ocean of information and entertainment and helps mankind perform a number of daily activities with just the click of a button. A decade back people would not have understood the concept of online banking. Today people are crazy in a good sense about purchasing things on the internet and online banking is used by the laymen.

Websites are like firms these days as they are capable of running a huge company. Websites were generally developed for viewing on a personal computer. But that is not the case today. Initially when the internet made a huge mark on the technology, it was being used only on a computer. There were also limited service providers and the connection speeds were poor. Today the connections are very fast and computers are not the only device capable of accessing the internet. With the help of responsive design of websites, web designers are able to make a lighter version of the websites which can be accessed on any mobile device which has a browser.

When internet was first being used on mobile devices, a number of websites had problems opening in those devices either because the screens were too small to occupy the whole website or the device software did not have the necessary plugging to open the website as it is. Today every well known website has a mobile version which loads quicker, has the basic information needed and opens on all mobile devices. Major social networking websites have made use of this amazing coding to ensure that their users are connected anywhere and anytime. Wherever we go we can see people glued to their phones and have no other worries on the go. From music and videos to chatting and mailing everything is in the hands of people today.

Ecommerce Solutions to build your Online Shop

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